Data is the fuel of any successful organization. We work with varying BI / data analytics technologies such as Microsoft Azure ML (Machine Learning), Tableau, Microsoft PowerBI, Python & R programming etc. to analyze data – letting you support processes with the right analytics.

Our BI and AI services:

Enterprise Reporting

With DIS – Datazen Insight Suite, we offer insightful reports that gives Executives and business users; using rich and dynamic visuals to represent the data. These reports can be used as dashboards that present holistic review of performance, trends and other indexes.

Key BI Products

Watch Power BI in action

See how easy it is to create reports, collaborate on dashboards, and share insights—inside and outside your organization—with user-friendly tools for self-service and enterprise BI.

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Data Modelling

This is a representation of the data structures in a table for a company's database and is a very powerful expression of the company's business requirements.

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Machine Learning (AI)

Your ability to use machine learning models – to support revenue generation, cost saving, forecasting, classification etc. Predictive models that exploit patterns found in historical and transactional data to identify future outcomes, risks and opportunities.